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openfire - windows home server- spark - red5plugin

Question asked by gmax74 on May 28, 2010

Day to everybody,


I am new of this world.. I intend of openfire!!!


I am looking for... by now from almost 2 settimantes to install on my server openfire ....( operating system whs - windows home server) red 5!!!!


had succeeded.. some days ago... to make to work I imagine by chance to this point... but during the visualization of the page of the presences video has gone to blocco..e nn have succeeded anymore to ripritinare.. nothing!


turning for the various posts .... I have unloaded the file red5.war around 31mb

and the plugin for spark


If between you there is someone... that and' in degree to give me some information... I pass I give for installing to ok is the server and the client from me mentioned... I remain in attended!