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Login Problem using IE

Question asked by maalox on May 19, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2010 by maalox

I have SparkWeb setup to use http-binding on port 7443 as shown below.  Openfire is setup to authenticate with an LDAP server if that matters.  The problem I am seeing is that I can't log into SparkWeb using Internet Explorer 8 and http-bind. I hit the login button and it just sits there.  I can log in using Firefox and http-bind just fine.  When I setup Sparkweb to use port 5222 instead of http-bind I can log in just fine with FireFox.  As long as I set Client Connection Security to Optional that is.  Can anyone suggest why I am having this problem using IE and http-bind?


How would I go about debugging this issue as far as using some kind of bebug interface?  I have been using jabberd2 and I can start jabberd2 in debug mode and see the conversation between client and server.  Is there something similar for Openfire?  Excuse my Java/Openfire/Sparkweb newbiness.