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Proposal to close "Spark features request thread"

Question asked by wroot Champion on May 6, 2010
Latest reply on May 26, 2010 by wroot

Benjamin and others, what about closing this huge (17 pages) thread ? As i said in the last message it doesnt server its purpose (as a feature request place) and it's too big (17 pages again), it's hard to keep track of requests and your own replies, because of SBS bugs with pagination it's PITA to navigate in such thread 9always throwing you to a first page). Most important, i think users are misslead by its name, like maybe they think this is developers asking what to add next, but we know there are no fulltime devs here and cstux and others can't do everything and they won't respond anyway. So, i think it's better for everyone to start a separate thread for their requests and let this thread R.I.P.