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Question asked by Timboi123 on Apr 27, 2010
Latest reply on May 18, 2010 by mseimys

Hi red5 guru's.


I am running Openfire and spark clients on windows vista.

text chat/IM works between all machines, and users are found and shown as available.

On one machine, after installing the red5plugin.jar and red5.war into Openfire video/audio works perfectly. Video roster opens up, with the webcam feed at top left. Video call works also.


However, the other client machine, when I go to video roster or call the other client, the window that opens up with the video feed is blank. When I copy the url for this blank window into firefox the video call works nicely, however, when i copy it into IEv8 i get the same blank screen. When I got it to work in firefox, I was able to go into the flash settings and give access to webcam etc, but still when I start a new call, I get the blank window.


Methinks that the IE is not doing its thing, but I dont know where to go to try and resolve this issue.


One more question, should spark work in Windows 7?


I look forward to your responses