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Asterisk + openfire + red5plugin + sparkweb

Question asked by bigfootblue on Mar 25, 2010

Hello to the forum,

I have opened an Asterisk  server and now want access via a web-based softphone.
Because most Flash/JWS/ActiveX are commercial or didn't work at all,
I try openfire with the red5plugin and sparkweb to solve my problem.
I looked at the readme files and all the community discussions to configure my
openfire right.

And for Spark it works fine!

For Sparkweb it works for the chat and internal phone, but:


in Spark I can use my Asterisk to call anybody out of Spark,

in Sparkweb this error appears:

   "Sip-Phone Error: Phone not  registered"

What's the problem?

Do I need to embed the red5phone  possibly somewhere?

I would also be sufficient if somebody describes a  way how I can use the red5phone
as standalone, or  even more trivial
as call button with a fixed account and a fixed number to call,
as long as I can use it web-based, without  installations.

I tried this one but unfortunately most of the links don't exist yet, or I had no success to use it.



Sorry for my inadequat english :-D