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Asterisk-IM + SIP Phone Plugin ?!

Question asked by chucky on Mar 23, 2010
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im new to Openfire.

I need Voice Chat via the Spark Client.

We have 3 kind of OS, Mac, Linux and Windows.


My question:

I need the Openfire Server, an Asterisk Server and the Asterisk - IM Plugin ? I need the SIP Phone Plugin too, or is it working without this.

I can use the SIP Phone Plugin if i dont have a Asterisk Server or what ?


I setup the Openfire Server on a Debian Lenny machine.

Setup the Asterisk Server v. 1.4 on the same machine.

Installed the Asterisk-IM Plugin. And now, ive added the Asterisk Server.

First there was a problem when i click on the add button, a message say "Successfully added" but the Server was not in the list.

The reason for this problem, i cant use the embedded openfire database. So i set up a mysql database and use this for the openfire server.

It would be great if you add this fact to the Asterisk-Plugin Readme.

Now i have to edit the Asterisk manager.conf and add a user for connect with the Plugin to the Asterisk Manager Interface.



And now ? What to do next ? SIP Phone Plugin or not ?

It would be great if somebody can help me.



Kind Regards