Moving things along... New servers and hosting... You help manage.

Discussion created by benjamin Champion on Mar 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2010 by Guus der Kinderen

Hey All-


I know things have been moving pretty slowly, and just when they started to pick up again, we were road blocked by not having a working build system. But, I have some good news!


Jive has just purchase two new beefy servers for the Ignite Realtime community. They are on order, hope to get them soon. Also, we are about to sign a contract with Contegix for hosting these servers.


This will get the systems back into a public network, which is critical, because... we are going to need a few community members to step up to help manage things. Contegix will handle lower level system admin tasks, including things like upgrading Jira and Fisheye, but community members will need to be involved for website updates, theme tweaks, managing SVN privileges, etc.


I'm sure everyone is thinking, "OK, but WHEN?"... The answer is as fast as possible, but I'm not sure what that means yet. We'll receive the servers, test them, ship them to Contegix, Contegix should setup the base OSes and some of the software. Then we'll migrate existing website, community, SVN, JIRA, Fisheye, Openfire, etc... At that point, we'll probably start granting community access.


I've had a few people volunteer to help manage things in the past. If you want to help manage the systems, please let me know.