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How to integrate Asterisk+Openfire+X lite+spark?

Question asked by linuxxfails on Mar 9, 2010


   Now, my server have asterisk, openfire+asterisk-im and sip phone plugin, x lite and spark. In my sip.conf have extension 100, 200, 300 and 400. I define Ext. 100 = userA, Ext. 200 = userB, Ext. 300 = userC and Ext. 400 = userD.


My Environment.


This detail of phone mapping.


On labtop A, installed x lite and spark and x lite=Ext.100, spark=userC.

On labtop B, installed x lite and spark and x lite=Ext.200, spark=userD.


  Now, on x lite Ext.100 can call to Ext.200. On spark userC can chat userD. The x lite it have IM(chat) feature but i don't use it. I want to use x lite chat(IM) with spark. How to do it?.