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SparkWeb: login attempts do not pass through (no error message)

Question asked by Rembrandt on Mar 1, 2010

OS: Debian 5

Web Server: Apache 2.2

Java: Sun Java 6 RTE

XMPP Server: OpenFire 3.6.4

XMPP Client: SparkWeb 0.9.0

DB: Embedded database (HSQLDB).





SparkWeb path:


I set up my XMPP server just fine, until I decided to play with the server-to-server communication right after I changed the host name of the server.  Needless to say, I restarted OpenFire, and then I couldn't authenticate back into my Admin Portal OR Sparkweb portal.


I ended up configuring the openfire.xml file (/etc/openfire/openfire.xml) with nano (text editor) and changed the interface back to "" and then changed the setup from "true" to "false."  I restarted OpenFire service, then I was able to run the Setup Wizard, which allowed me to log back into the Admin Portal.  However, when I go to my SparkWeb portal, and log in, it seems like it TRIES to authenticate me in, but then it flashes back to the login username/server/password prompt.  I ended up reinstalling SparkWeb again to my directory (/srv/www/, edited the index.html (renamed SparkWeb.html) to have the right script (see below):


<script type="text/javascript">
function jive_sparkweb_getConfig()
    return {
        server: "",
        connectionType: "socket",
        port: "5222",
        autoLogin: "false"
        policyFileURL: "xmlsocket://"



I can connect to my server via "telnet 5222" and "telnet 5229" just fine, so it isn't a firewall issue.


Some reading I did:


NOTE:  This is only happening on the SparkWeb side, not the Admin Portal side...  I am not using HTTPS/SSL/TLS as of yet.


Any assistance would be great.


Thank you