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I'd like to improve Spark UI(nested groups). give some opinion to me.

Question asked by sigma6 on Feb 17, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2010 by wroot

Hello. Spark Developers.


I use Spark & openFire.  But I realize about sparks bug. especially (nested groups.) ex ) T1::T2::T3::T4


But I don't know anything about spark UI.


I checked it about the spark UI but I think Contactgroups fuction is working well.


when I debug on the Tree groups. (maybe I think this is big problem)


It explains just 3node. so I want to impove it. But I don't know how to handle function.


Plz give some information about the spark UI.


wroot and all of the spark & openfire developers, Thank you for contributions.


1. function's name.

2. What is the main problem in nested Groups.

3. related function.