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red5 sip tls/udp drop after 30 seconds

Question asked by akandor on Jan 3, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2010 by akandor

using the latest red5(openfire) plugin and got following problem:


Using openfire/sip plugin/red5/sparkweb or openfire/red5/red5phone


Registration to sip server successful.
But after 30 seconds when I make a call from the red5 to sip server the
call will be droped.


In the log I got following:
SipProvider-5070: using transport tls
SipProvider-5070: Resolving host address ''
SipProvider-5070: Sending message to tls:
SipProvider-5070: WARNING: Unsupported protocol (tls): Message discarded
AckTransactionClient#3: changed transaction state: T_Terminated


When I call from a sip deskphone (e.g. cisco / openstage) to red5 the call works
very well.


What I could see is that the sip deskphone send following:


When I call from the red5:


I cannot change the sip server. So how can I fix the red5 plugin to send
what transport protocol is used?


Thanks in advanced for your help