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Multiple LDAP on Trusted Domains

Question asked by on Dec 17, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2015 by Alex

Greetings All,


Got a question about getting Openfire to authenticate in multiple domains in different forests.


Here is the scenario:

Domain A  - DC="DomainA",DC="com"

Domain B - DC="DomainB",DC="com"


Openfire installed on DomainA


OS - Both domains have Active Directory on Windows Server 2003.

VPN - Both domains connected through VPN


DomainA and DomainB have a Trusted Two directional Trust through Active Directory.



Openfire works great on DomainA, users are authenticated agains the LDAP, life is good!.


Now enter DomainB, for a multitude of reasons openfire will not be installed domainB,  therefore I want the Openfire on DomainA, to allow users from DomainB.  This works fine in other scenarios, eg. Shared Folders etc.


Looking in the config, I can only enter:

          Base DN: DC="DomainA",DC="com"

So how is openfire supposed to know that it also needs to check against: DC="DomainB",DC="com"




Any ideas?