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problem with red5phone unable to connect

Question asked by jerem on Dec 1, 2009


i'm looking at red5 and red5phone to make it works but i'm currently blocking on something.

i installed red5 v0.8 and red5phone r29 and just ran the test program and just got that in the consol of the test program :

open:  disconnected, connect
netconnection: Status: 1
rtmpconnection #phone _onStatus NetConnection.Connect.Rejected
netconnection: Status: 0
connection failed to rtmp://localhost/sip : connection rejected
rtmpconnection #phone _onStatus NetConnection.Connect.Closed


but i got really no one log in the consol of the server...


to resume what i did, i just downloaded the red5phone and just put it in webapps/root/ folder and access it by localhost:5080/sip/


is somebody have some experience with that????