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request: update in SVN

Question asked by markuskhouri on Nov 11, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2009 by markuskhouri

Could I request that the /trunk/build/ file be updated in SVN?


Specifically, include the external references in this file, along with details of where to download these external resources from.  (And while doing so, perhaps remove the hard coded references within the /trunk/build/build.xml file.)


Here is a proposed contents of the file:


# Advanced Installer (commercial; Free edition available)

advinst.path=C:\\Program Files\\Caphyon\\Advanced Installer 7.2.1

# install4j (commercial)
installer.install4j.home=C:\\Program Files\\xxx

# IzPack (Open Source)
# Available from

# Launch4J (Open Source)

# Inno Setup (Open Source)
innosetup.dir=C:\\Program Files\\Inno Setup 5


Attached is a patch generated by Eclipse, with the path root being the "Selection"