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XMPP client with integrated Windows Authentication?

Question asked by sklett on Oct 26, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2009 by aangel30

I'm really not sure if this is an appropriate forum to ask this in, if not I apologize.


We have OpenFire integrated with our LDAP (AD) directory and this is great, it's one of the reasons we chose OpenFire.  The problem is on the client side; we're using Pidgin and from what I can see there isn't a way to have it use the logged in user's Windows credentials when authenticating against the OpenFire server.  It's a headache when our domain policy makes a user change their password and then their chat clients craps out on them.


Does anyone know of a decent (preferably open source) XMPP client that can use integrated windows authentication?  So my users don't need to update their account details when they change their Windows password?