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One to one chatroom problem

Question asked by dracochin on Oct 4, 2009

I want to open an one to one chatroom with a user who is not in the contact list.


here is the chatroom creation code:


ChatManager chatManager = SparkManager.getChatManager();



The problem is:


When user B creates the chatroom with the user A for the first time, the chat progress is normal. IF A and B both close the chatroom, and B creates the chatroom again, A can receive the message from B , but B cannot receive message from A.


After that , i changed the code to:

ChatManager chatManager = SparkManager.getChatManager();
ChatRoom chatRoom = chatManager.createChatRoom( jid,nickname, "The Chat Title");
ChatContainer chatContainer = chatManager.getChatContainer();



The problem still exist.


May anyone help ?



Thanks a lot.