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Setup a maven repository

Question asked by niess Champion on Sep 8, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2009 by mikeycmccarthy


I suggest to provide a maven repository on I will try to list a few pros:

  • a sync request for the official maven repository could keep the official repository up to date and could push the use of our products (I saw a couple of user requests for tinder, smack and whack in the forum).
  • with the help of Maven Openfire Plugin and provided openfire jars in the repository would simplify Openfire plugin development
  • with a local repository there is no more need for placing the dependencies multiple times in subversion and it's a more compatible (instead of using system dependencies in the poms)
  • a repository doesn't need much ressources. I've prepared one on which needs circa 10 MB space on the web server.

I hope this will provoke some responses on this topic.


Other discussions could be found on Whack and Maven, Smack Jars in Maven Repository, Tinder in Maven, SMACK-265, ...


@Benjamin: If we decide to setup one, unpacking repository.tar.gz would provide a first working repository.