Spark we is not working

Discussion created by deepumanoharan on Aug 17, 2009
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I Loaded the sparkweb .swf and sparkweb .html in a server with with port 80 has sharepoint authentication,Then I can load the spark.swf from the browser of the server very smoothly,But Ican't work when i load the swf from a client machine I can't connect to port and I used the Security.LoadPolicy("xmlsocketserver://") for loading the cross domain policy and also loaded a crossdomain.xml inthe port 80 of my server using vnc Its works well when i take the server using vnc and take the browser and add the url in the iexplorer.


getting error in the connect handler

public function init():void
      CountVar++;"inside init"+CountVar);
     connectionManager = SparkManager.connectionManager;
     var connection:XMPPConnection = connectionManager.connection;
    connection.addEventListener("login", connected);
    connection.addEventListener("disconnection", handleDisconnect);
    connection.addEventListener("error", handleError);
    //set up UI event listeners
    ExternalInterface.addCallback("setFocused", setFocused);
    var foo:NotifyEvent
    chatContainer.addEventListener(NotifyEvent.NEW_MESSAGE, function(evt:NotifyEvent):void {
     var message:Message = evt.message;"alertTitle", "SparkWeb", RosterItemVO.get(message.from.unescaped, false).displayName+"!");










Please give me a solution to this