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I can't use the Publish Desktop Screen in Red5's SparkWeb,Help me.Thx!

Question asked by Kooness on Aug 6, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2009 by Dele Olajide

hi all :

I want to use the Publish Desktop Screen function on red5's sparkweb ,but it can't work.


I use tomcat (port 8888), My openfire and red5 is standard configuration(http bind 7070 and 7443.   red5.url is rtmp:/oflaDem).

All functions are working properly,but  Publish Desktop Screen function.

When I use the  Publish Desktop Screen (Click the Publish Desktop Screen's button on sparkweb), then occur an error as follow:


Apache Tomcat/6.0.16 - Error report

HTTP Status 404 - /red5/viewer

type Status report

message /red5/viewer

description The requested resource (/red5/viewer) is not  available.


At this time , the browser url is http://localhost:8888/red5/viewer?username=admin.

But the port 8888 is used by my tomcat.

So i think the url should be http://localhost:7070/red5/viewer?username=admin


but i do not know how to solve this problem.


Thanks very much.