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Problem with compiling videoConf.lzx to videoConf.lzx.swf

Question asked by gsn242 on Jul 25, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2009 by Dele Olajide

Hi, Dele!
Can You help me with the plugin red5.war?
I want to change video res:160х120 to 320x240 in conference '12 person'.


But first I tried just to compile original videoconf.lzx to swf.
I used Windows XP SP2, Java EE SDK 5.0 Update 1, OpenLaszlo 3.4,

command С:\OLS34\lzc.bat videoConf.lzx
I got videoConf.swf (78796 bytes) renamed to videoConf.lzx.swf and replaced original file (78740 bytes) with it.
I assembled plugin by command C:\sun\sdk\jdk\bin\jar cvf red5.war .
I reinstalled plugin on server.
I chose any link in part "12 person audio/video conference", then opened empty white page with yellow inscriptions (test1 test2 test3 audio: on video:on) and no video. Why?