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Can't login to SparkWeb

Question asked by double8pex on Jul 20, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2009 by double8pex

I've got OpenFire 3.6.4 on Windows Server 2008. Current users are using their XMPP IM client of choice and its all working.


I downloaded SparkWeb and copied the folder to /openfire/plugins/admin/webapp folder per the SparkWeb HOW-TO document. Here's the problem:


Users can launch and view the SparkWeb login page but cannot login


I search the site and couldn't really find any documentation or posts that were any help. I've edited the HTML file and our server name appears Under the Server field on the login page. We enter our username and passwords but the page just refreshes and brings us back to the login page. No error message come up.


What am I missing here? Does SparkWeb not recognize that we're using Active Directory Authentication and not pulling the user list?