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[Patch] jmf to fmj

Question asked by WhiteKnight on Jun 30, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2009 by WhiteKnight

Revision 11038 removed /spark/trunk/build/lib/dist/linux/jmf.jar, /spark/trunk/build/lib/dist/mac/jmf.jar and /spark/trunk/build/lib/dist/windows/jmf.jar and added /spark/trunk/build/lib/dist/fmj.jar. Unfortunately /spark/trunk/build/installer/spark.aip.tmpl,  /spark/trunk/src/resources/startup.bat and /spark/trunk/src/resources/ haven't been updated. I've updated startup.bat and and attached the patches, but I'm not sure how best to patch /spark/trunk/build/installer/spark.aip.tmpl.