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Looking for a mentor

Question asked by rcollier Champion on Jun 18, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2009 by rcollier

I have looked over the document on mentoring and I am ready to start the process so I can contribute to two projects, OpenFire and Smack.


My issue is that there has been no code contributions to the OpenFire pubsub component in over a year.  I have identified several problems, and have fixes for many of these problems, but I don't know who I should contact to be a mentor. The same goes for Smack, as I have written extensions for pubsub for it as well.  In this case, it is completely new code that can (and does) work by just including a new jar file, but it would work better if it was included due to heavy usage of custom providers.


The document on mentoring is, I believe, somewhat incorrect in the idea of getting someone who has been "active" in a project, due to the wide ranges of features and extensions of XMPP itself.  Someone with heavy contributions to MUC may know nothing about other extensions (like pubsub).  I know that is the case for myself, as I have spent a great deal of time over the last 2 months with XEP-0060 (pubsub), but am quite ignorant of most other domains.


Anyway, any advice (and volunteers) on mentoring would be appreciated.