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Spark progress/future

Question asked by wroot Champion on Jun 17, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2010 by Guus der Kinderen

As cstux has joined this group and he's the main and only developer now (btw, Andrew "winsrev" has resigned, we need a new project lead and i vote for cstux), i think we should also discuss this, though the main interest here i belive is about the Openfire, JIRA, SVN, Tinder, etc. But Spark is also a Ignite project and a very popular client. Many of the users are turning away seeing that this project has no releases for such a long time. It's a pity especially when work is actually being done all the time. In the SVN.


cstux has to tell us what is his opinion about this, what is the quality of the Spark right now, maybe we can release a Beta 3 or something. The main question is about the installers. Will Jivers help us to release similar to 2.5.8 version installers or should we find our own way? There are some experimental installers here We can stick with that, maybe for a while only.


I may sound annoying about that, but i just have to answer again and again in the forums that Spark will have a release someday, but im starting to not believe myself