Introducing myself - mentor wanted

Discussion created by niess Champion on Jun 8, 2009
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I'm quite new to this group, an open source community and more or less to openfire itself. About one year ago, I started to work with openfire based on a student project. I've looked into the code, wrote plugins, learned a lot and had fun. The student project was fininshed about 2 months ago, but I've started to introduce Jabber/Openfire to our institute as an administrator and continued to work with it.
For the future I would like to write and review patches for tinder, whack, openfire, smack (the copyright assignment should already be received by Jive) and support the community by keep an eye on jira and the forum.
I would appreciate if I get the permissions to add patches for jira tickets (and delete my own patches) and create new tickets. It would also be nice if someone review and discuss the patches. This could be done by the community or maybe a contact person like a mentor.