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RED5 + Openfire

Question asked by asteriskvairam on Apr 7, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2009 by liorh

Hello Friends,


I try to configure red5 plugin.I haven't able to configure properly.


My asterisk server is running in remote machine (

My Open fire is running on windows machine (


After upload the red5 plugin, i have done the server restart.


Then i got a red5 test pages.


In this page i couldn't able register my sip phone.


Here its try to register windows machine itself instead of asterisk server.How do i change the IPaddress of asterisk server

I am getting arror.Please see my error logs


RTMPMinaConnection from : 1428 to  (in: 3414 out 3073 )
Red5SIP Client joined app 0
Red5SIP open
Red5SIP login C8EFBB31-D900-A7D7-BD99-7F8258F123D9
Red5SIP open creating sipUser for muthu on sip port 5060 audio port 3000 username C8EFBB31-D900-A7D7-BD99-7F8258F123D9
[SIPUser] SIPUser Constructor: sip port:5060 rtp port:3000 config:C:\Program Files\Openfire/plugins/red5/red5phone/sip.cfg
[SIPUser] SIPUser login
[SIPUser] SIPUser login: RTMPUser
[SIPUser] SIPUser login: SipStack
[SIPUser] SIPUser login: SipProvider
[SIPUser] SIPUser login: SIPUserAgentProfile
[SIPUser] outbound proxy override
[SIPUser] SIPUser login: SIPUserAgent
Red5SIP register
[SIPUser] SIPUser register
RegisterAgent: Registering contact <sip:6000@> (it expires in 3600 secs)
RegisterAgent: Registration failure: No response from server.
Red5SIP Client leaving app 0
Red5SIP Client closing client C8EFBB31-D900-A7D7-BD99-7F8258F123D9
[SIPUser] SIPUser close1
[SIPUser] SIPUser hangup
[SIPUser] SIPUser closeStreams
RTMPUser stopStream
[SIPUser] SIPUser unregister
RegisterAgent: Unregistering contact <sip:6000@>
[SIPUser] SIPUser provider.halt
RegisterAgent: Registration failure: No response from server.
RegisterAgent: Failed Registration stop try.