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Packet filter plugin and delay

Question asked by gillian on Mar 25, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2009 by Coolcat

Hi everybody,

I have an openfire 3.6.3 and packet filter 2.0.2.


I have problems with packet filter plugin.

When I put on the rules which have been configured, I have a delay when I send messages to other users.

Then when I restart my spark client, my contacts appear after many seconds and one by one really slowly.


I must use this plugin to only open the conference rooms to external users.


My users and groups are authenticated trough an ldap server.
I use the <alternate basedn> to authenticate my "external users" which are not on the same ldap branch than internal users.

We tried to upgrade the Java memory by setting : -Xms512M and -xmx1024M
We also tried to upgrade the "group" cache allocated memory to 1M, but i

We have about 60 internal users on the servers and 10 external users.


Rules run on the server :


Pass      ExternalUsers      Any      MUC      false 
Drop     ExternalUsers     Any     Any     false


In addition, users can't log on to the msn gataway when the rules are running.

Does anybody know What rules I have to put to do that ??


Does anybody have a solution ?


Thanks in advance