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NEED HELP!! Red5plugin->sip/voip

Question asked by ajayluke on Mar 21, 2009

8    2.724056000    TCP    alphatech-lm > macromedia-fcs [ACK] Seq=80 Ack=30 Win=65124 [TCP CHECKSUM INCORRECT] Len=0



As you can see, I have openfire on a ubuntu server( and I am dialing from my desktop via browser( The wireshark dump is as above. I am trying to make a call using a sip proxy server in the cloud/internet. My mobile rings but there is no audio. I have been on this for 45days now, bouncing between standalone and openfire. I just want to be able to make calls from the browser. I have standalone on wondows as well but no audio.


Openfire debug log:


attached. I can give access to my server, I have to get this to work... Please help... noob and giving up... seriously I love this plugin but I dont know what I am doing wrong, im sure gunna help the community in any way possible but I NEED HELP just to get this started...


Thanx in advance...