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is red5 aware of SRV records?

Question asked by tufan on Feb 18, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2009 by hezekiahb



I'm trying to use red5 plugin. I couldn't make it work yet The call feature, I haven't tried yet. But, "Open Audio/Video Roster", "View Audio/Video Messages" "Send Video message" doesn't work.


In Linux, not even a window opens. In Windows, a window opens, but can't connect to the site. I think that's because Server Name in the openfire is "our.domain" but the host name is "xmpp.our.domain".


Is there any plan to get the host name for the roster links from the SRV record, and use the "our.domain" as a last resort?


Or is there a way to configure it?


thanks for any help,