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Script to compile Red5Plugin on Linux

Question asked by kerne on Feb 12, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2009 by JohnnyO

Hello everyone!


I am using Linux server here and a few changes on mjSIP and Red5Plugin.... so... to keep it simple to everyone I just put on attachments the script I'd made:


How to use it:


1-Download de script makesh

2-Put this script on WEB-INT/classes directory

3-Set exec permission: (chmod 755

4-Change openfireHome=.... to your Openfire installation directory (mine is: /opt/openfire/openfire so.. you will possibly have to change this)
5-Run the script: ./


What the script will make for you:

- Stop openfire

- Compile mjsip

- Make mjsip jar

- Update mjsip.jar

- Compile Red5Plugin

- Make red5.war

- Delete your actual red5.war a and red5/ directory on openfireHome/plugins/ (BE CAREFUL WITH THIS!!!! MAKE YOUR BECAUSE BEFORE YOU RUN THIS SCRIPT IF YOU HAVE ANY CHANGES ON RED5 PLUGIN FOLDER)

- Upgrade red5.war on plugins

- Start openfire again


Script Logs

Check file make.err and make.log files.

Let me know if you have any changes on it.


Dele, if possible please add this to red5plugin package.


Thanks and enjoy!