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Multiperson Video Conference Question

Question asked by zeiszler on Feb 11, 2009

My team is testing desktop video conferencing with the Red5 plug-in.  We are very pleased with it so far.  I did run across something when doing a 3 person video conference that I would like to have clarified.  The situation is as follows:  Person A and Person B open a multiperson video conference by both doing an Open Audio/Video Roster from the Red5 menu in Spark.  Person A and Person B then added each other to their Audio/Video Rosters by selecting Add/Remove Video Roster from the right-click menu for the respective Spark roster entry.  That all worked fine.  Person B then added Person C to the Audio/Video Roster.  Person C opened their Audio/Video roster and then added Person B.  Person A then added Person C to his Audio Video Roster.  All of that worked fine.  However, Person C was not aware that he had been added to Person A's Audio/Video Roster.  He did not know Person A was part of the multiperson video conference.  Should not Person C have gotten a request from Person A to add them to their Audio/Video Roster analogous to the request that Person C got when Person A added them as a contact within Spark?  I.e., if you do a two-person video call, the other person needs to accept the video call, why doesn't that carry-over into the multiperson video conference setting?


We are running OpenFire 3.6.2 on Windows with the 0.9 Red5 plug-in and Spark 2.5.8 for Windows.