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Red5 Plugin version 0.1.10

Question asked by Dele Olajide Champion on Feb 8, 2009
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Red5 Plugin Changelog


All the Red5phone changes below come from the generous contribution of Lior Herman. Many thanks from all Red5phone users.


New and Changed Features

  • Add Dial external command to Flex to bed dial from a link. 
  • I used UID (unique identifier) in Flex instead of the username value for binding the sipprovider object in Mjsip – now you can use same sip account to register from multiple remote locations. 

Faults Fixed

  • Changed registration of red5phone using phone@sip_provider.getViaAddress() instead of phone@realm
  • Mjsip I use Outboundproxy = Proxy  like that all sip headers using realm, but the message is send to the proxy ip. (this is how it should be) 
  • Process of OPTIONS messages in Mjsip some sbc’s using to check call keep alive. 
  • Fix authentication header for REG and INVITE to use cnounce value when proxy send qop= auth in 401 or 407 message. 
  • Fix red5phone application close for complete unregister before sipprovider.halt is execute. 
  • Fix the microphone.init in Flex to not be bind to the REGISTER SUCCESS message as it can be many SUCCESS messages coming during a call and mic need to be init only once. 
  • Fix Cancel message for Invite (call) that have not been answered yet – when you want hangup a call before the remote user answered Mjsip send wrong Cseq in Cancel message. 
  • Fixed NullException error when application is closed – in provider.halt() its try to close a null tcp_socket and get Null exception back. Fix is in in the end of the file.