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Sparkweb with ejabberd2

Question asked by andreas.sieferlinger on Jan 10, 2009



i'd really like to use SparkWeb together with ejabberd2 but i have some problem getting it working.


Some infon about my setup.     -> ejabberd2 running     -> Webserver for serving SparkWeb files


I'm using the latest Version of SparkWeb and ejabberd2.


So to the problem:


If you have entered your login data and click on login the only thing that happens is that in the status bar of Firefox a "waiting for" shows up.


The Server logs show


=INFO REPORT==== 2009-01-10 14:09:58 ===
I(<0.263.0>:ejabberd_listener:112) : (#Port<0.760>) Accepted connection {{84,150,236,208},41962} -> {{89,238,76,88},5280}

=INFO REPORT==== 2009-01-10 14:09:58 ===
I(<0.256.0>:ejabberd_http:123) : started: {gen_tcp,#Port<0.760>}


So there is a connection to the Server but sparkweb does not proceed.



relevant config from SparkWeb

function jive_sparkweb_getConfig()
 return {
 server: "",
 connectionType: "http",
 port: "5280",
 bindPath: "/http-bind/",


Any ideas what the problem is?


(of course is normally another hostname, just used to not show the real hostname it is used for)