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bareJID in displayName!?

Question asked by marefado on Dec 31, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2009 by mtowers


In SparkWeb, i am seing the JID intead of the displayName of the user in the users status area (StatusBox.mxml)

Checking a SparkWeb code i found that the population of this field is done creating 'artificially' a RosterItemVO using, the problem is that the displayname in is not the Name of the user:


var con:XMPPConnection = SparkManager.connectionManager.connection;
var me:RosterItemVO =; = bill@vilt = bill


Showing the bareJID in thr StatusBox and the displayNames in the rooster seems to me a incoherence.

Anybody knows how to change this behaviour, preferencially without touching spark code? (or what i am doing wrong... )