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reducing memory of spark problem

Question asked by lunks on Dec 31, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2008 by LG


i try to reduce the usage of the memory spark use. The first try was to add the values -Xms16M and -Xmx32M to the startup.bat file. It open a terminal and starting spark with the given values. I look into the task manager and see that it use in the first seconds 16MB and then grows up to 32MB. But after i login it grows up to 64MB like befor. Then i try to add these values to the Advanced Install, no problem at this point but after I install the version its the same! It start with 16MB grows up to 32MB and after login it grows up to 64MB. We need a smal version of spark because we want to install it on our citrix server where many users work on the same time. And we can't and we don't want to setup bigger server for a instant messenger.


I will be very thankfully if anybody can help me.