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Problem with NTLM, is it possible to convert Http-bind to TCP?

Question asked by marefado on Dec 16, 2008


I have a customized Sparkweb client connecting via http-bind to a IIS o port 80, the only port my sysadmins will ever open to the internet .


The http-bind request is directed via isapi to a transparent proxy servlet on a tomcat in the same server that the Sparkweb client is located (to avoid flex cross-domain issues).

From the proxy server the request is forwarded to the openfire server in other server port 7070.


The problem is that it seems i have proxy authentication(NTLM) being requested between the proxy servlet and the openfire server if i use port 80.(i am getting back 407 Authorization required messages)


Is there any way for me to convert a http-bind request in a TCP request? as the request is already inside the infrastructure i coud ask sysadins to open the 5222 port between the proxy and the openfire server.