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Using port 7443 for Spark Red5 plugin

Question asked by jpalmer99 on Dec 16, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2008 by jpalmer99

To start everything works fine for inside clients and VPN clients.


I have opened port 7443 for using Red5 Sparkweb (we get certificate error, but that we can accept and go ahead and connect).  From my understand using this encrypts the user/pw that is used to sign onto the server.


When I am off the VPN I can connect fine with the Spark client to the Openfire server.  When I try to start a audio/video call or Video Roster I do not get connected to server (I can see by doing a netstat -i that it is trying to use port 7070).  If I open port 7070 on the firewall everything works correctly.


My question is how do I make the Spark Red5 plugin use the encrypted port of 7443?  Or do I need to worry about that and just leave 7070 open as the username/pw has already been sent via the Spark client already?