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How can i increase the java memory if i use the tar.gz file

Question asked by Roderick Sumook on Dec 16, 2008



I always used the rpm of openfire and i know now how to modify the file to increase my java memory.

Right now im trying to install the openfire_3_6_2.tar.gz on my centos version 5. and it works now my problem is I dont know which file of the openfire should i modify to increase the java memory.


based on the rpm program just find the and modify it

but in tar.gz i dont know, because i noticed that this file tar.gz i did not encountered problem everytime i reboot the server i never install again not unlike to the rpm program if i reboot the server i always go back to the installation of openfire and it gives me a waste of time.



please anyone can guide me



thanks and regards

Merry Xmas