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Usin Sparkweb with more than one jabber server

Question asked by Bruce00 on Dec 10, 2008
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Hello I would like to make sparkweb for more than one jabber server and host it on my server for others to use this is the code I am using in the index.html file of sparkweb but it seems to anly work for my openfire only my server name show up in the pull down server menu


function jive_saprkweb_getConfig()


     return {

               server: ",

               server: ",

               server: "",

               server: "

               connectionType: "socket"         

               port: '5222",

               autoLogin: "false",



yet my server is the only one in the login page and it will not register user with any other servers in this conf.Is it not posible to use sparkweb on more than one server.dus sparkweb only work with openfire servers.Dos sparkweb have to be hosted on the sames domain name as the jabber server it is to connect to.Here is the sparkweb in question  sparkweb