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How can improve the audio from the red5

Question asked by rsumook on Dec 10, 2008
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i have a problem with the red5 about the buffering of audio.

i tried thru network or internal connection only


from my pc to another pc connected only in our internal network

the problem is that the audio to the other side is always chop chop what i mean is after 15 seconds i cant heard voice but in few second sometimes minutes the voice is on again.


I am wondering coz i only using lan connection not the external connection.

i have no idea about this and i could not imagine where came from the problem.


I have DHCP Server to control my network connectivity this two has no intenet connection only local.

but i still get the problem.


my hardware specification were openfire and red5 are installed on the same machine is only a clone type of computer

having a intel duo 1.7Ghz, 1GB, 80 GB, Asus Motherboard



any idea.



thanks and regards

Merry Xmas