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Yahoo not working.  AIM works.

Question asked by jshepherd on Dec 7, 2008

Any ideas why my yahoo transport stopped working recently?  Doesn't work for any of my users, but it tests just fine in the web interface.


I get this in the debug log file:

2008.12.07 10:40:05 Exec[0]: ConnectionTester.pingSession()                 
2008.12.07 10:40:05 --Object created,  not stored. Call params () id=9621_1228675205883. Using (XHR,POST)                 
2008.12.07 10:40:05 Returning: id[9621_1228675205883] assign[s0] xhr[true]                 
2008.12.07 10:40:05 var s0=null;                 
DWREngine._handleResponse('9621_1228675205883', s0);                 

2008.12.07 10:40:59 Yahoo login caused IO exception:         Login timed out                 
at Source)                 
2008.12.07 10:40:59 yahoo: Sending packet: <message type="error" from="" to=""><body>Failed to log into Yahoo! messenger account. (unknown error)</body></message>


I can log into yahoo directly just fine, and it started happening for all my users at the same time, so it seems to be server related not user related.


I've tried restarting everything to no avail.