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Missing SuperTabNavigator when compiling red5 plugin.

Question asked by mberg on Dec 2, 2008
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I am trying to translate menu and texts in the red5 plugin to norwegian, I have all the files in the red5.war file, but when i try to build it in Flexbuilder 3 it's seem to be missing flexlib:SuperTabNavigator. I can't find this file in the source files.


I have downloaded the flexlib 2.4 and got the supertabnavigator and placed it red5 source files. Now everything seems fine, i can compile the project and get the Sparkweb file. It runs fine until you try to make a videocall, then there is no picture just a windows with the duration of the call counting.



My question is: Do i have the wrong version of Supertabnavigator? Do anyone have the original file?


Any help is appreciated


Regards Marius