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Set users.legnth and adjust video size

Question asked by phoenixhr on Dec 1, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2008 by phoenixhr

How do i set the users.legnth variable so i have less than 12 windows?


And as far as editing the video size in video320x420.lzx/myVideo3/lzx files, is that just a simple text edit and recompile?


I tried recompiling videoConf.lzx (i made changes to window size and the myCamera.setMode variable and got this error using openlaszlo 3.4 and the latest java JDE on the same linux server red5 is installed on using --dir to put the compile somwehere else:


Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalStateException: already parsing
   at gnu.xml.aelfred2.XmlReader.setContentHandler(
   at com.thaiopensource.relaxng.parse.sax.SchemaParser$State.set( 75)
   at com.thaiopensource.relaxng.parse.sax.SchemaParser$State.startElement(SchemaPars
   at gnu.xml.aelfred2.SAXDriver.startElement(
   at gnu.xml.aelfred2.XmlParser.parseElement(
   at gnu.xml.aelfred2.XmlParser.parseDocument(
   at gnu.xml.aelfred2.XmlParser.doParse(
   at gnu.xml.aelfred2.SAXDriver.parse(
   at gnu.xml.aelfred2.XmlReader.parse(
   at com.thaiopensource.relaxng.parse.sax.SAXParseable.parse(
   at com.thaiopensource.relaxng.impl.SchemaBuilderImpl.parse( 79)
   at com.thaiopensource.relaxng.jarv.VerifierFactoryImpl.compileSchema(VerifierFacto
   at org.openlaszlo.compiler.Parser.validate(Unknown Source)
   at org.openlaszlo.compiler.Compiler.compile(Unknown Source)
   at org.openlaszlo.compiler.Compiler.compile(Unknown Source)
   at org.openlaszlo.compiler.Main.compile(Unknown Source)
   at org.openlaszlo.compiler.Main.lzc(Unknown Source)
   at org.openlaszlo.compiler.Main.main(Unknown Source)