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connecting to asterisk server using asterisk-im with openfire mysql database

Question asked by hosdes on Nov 22, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2008 by hosdes

In our /etc/asterisk/manager.conf we have


secret = PASSWORD
read = system,call


restarted asterisk


In openfire admin cp, under asterisk-im when we type in correct server info and restart openfire through ssh, it takes forever to load asterisk-im page.  If we type in wrong server info and restart openfire, the pages look correctly.


Both asterisk and openfire are on the same server and we are using mysql databases.


It is as soon we do the correct server connect and restart openfire we have problems.  The reason why we restart openfire, when we put in the correct server info, only the grey icon will show.  no green icon.


we are using

asterisk 1.4.22

openfire 3.6.1

asterisk-im 1.4.0

mysql 5.0.45