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SparkWeb with Zimbra XMPP backend?

Question asked by HappyDude on Nov 18, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2008 by Dele Olajide

I've been successful configuring Spark (thick client) to authenticate agains and log into our Zimbra IM server. This has been an exciting event for me, so the obvious next attempt was to configure SparkWeb to do the same thing. It "looks" like it should work, but I''m getting the infamous login errors I've seen 50 times in this forum.


I think I may be close, but I just cannot tell.


- my Spark client is 2.5.8

- my Zimbra account would be of the format ""

- On the login page, I've configured my "server" name to reflect our ""

- in the SparkWeb.heml, I've configured the server name to the server's FQDN ""


I can connect SparkWeb to a local OpenFire server (I've done so to prove myself sane), but I cant connect to the Zimbra XMPP server to dave me.


I'm finding no errors on the httpd server iteslf, nothing that stands out as helpful on my end. I've read until my eyes hurt and I'm stumped.


Anyone out there able to make this happen?