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Flash Player local install from SparkWeb

Question asked by edbar_uk on Nov 17, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2008 by edbar_uk

guys great site, just a noob here,


wonder if someone can tell me if they have been able to achieve a local install of the flash player,


i have a redistributable version of the installer for flash player that when my clients connect to the sparkweb and they dont have the player installed, i would like to redirect the installation away from the internet and direct it to a directory on the web server,


the reason i wish to achieve this is that we sit on an enclosed network with no internet access and to cut down my administritive load i would this process to be automated so i dont have to install manually


i have looked at editing the sparkweb.html file so the link points to my directory but as there are 4 seperate places i can see, i was hoping someone could point the actual one out for me so i dont blanket the lot for no reason.


big thanks in advance,