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Discussion created by wroot Champion on Nov 16, 2008
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Hello group members


I will start a first discussion.


Firstly, we should know what is the status right now. Winsrev has promised to release 2.6.0 final on November 1. But as i understand there were some problems contacting Jive to make it possible (releasing the install packages). Also there are some new patches which probably should be applied before that release. I hope Matt and Winsrev can shed some light on this.


I would want to introduce a patch provided by Niklas Shaefer. This is a patch for the most voted feature, so i think it should get most attention (from Winsrev also). I'm testing it. It has some issues, but it is working, and it could be incorporated at some point. Maybe not the 2.6.0, but 2.6.x.



Also i will give a link to my Spark SVN thread here. But i will be posting my next issues in that group if Winsrev, Nick anf maybe Walter join that group



Finally. Probably we need some document like Openfire has. Patches waiting for Trunk. I can probably Start that DOC and list a few patches there.