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Cannot obtain extension from packet! QName problem?

Question asked by marefado on Nov 10, 2008


In a plugin i am adding a Extension to a Message packet* and sending to a SparkWebClient.

the client receives (<Message>.getNode().toString()):


<message to="wege@vilt-lt2" from="help.vilt-lt2"><vilt xmlns="jabber:msg:vilt"><clientjid>tehanu@vilt-lt2</clientjid><patch>none</patc h></vilt><body>TODO</body></message>


In SparkWeb if i try to get the extension like this:

     var e:Extension = message.getExtension("vilt");

or like this

     var e:Extension = message.getExtension("vilt","jabber:msg:vilt");

I get nothing,  iterating getAllExtensions() returns nothig too.

Is there something wrong with my namespaces?


*Im adding the extension, by xml node adition, because i dont want Openfire needing to know my extensions (to avoid problems updating).