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SparkWeb with Red5 - Create Account workflow fails

Question asked by dhollas on Oct 28, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2008 by Dele Olajide

This is the Create Account workflow in our instance of Sparkweb with Red5 .  The web client opens in the SparkWeb.html page of the user's browser.  The App success opens.  The user now has a choice to login or create an account.  If they click on Create Account.  The Create account form opens.  The User enters their choice of User name, selects or enters the Server name, enters a snappy Password and confirms same by re-entering it.   Then our user must either select by clicking the 'Cancel' or the 'Create' button to generate the next action.  If they select Cancel one click cancels the operation and the screen returns to the login. -Done   However, with our instance,selecting the Create requires two clicks.   In the background the new account is created. In front of the 'new' user nothing else happens.  The user doesn't receive any notification of the success.  Perhap the next step in the workflow for new user would be a successful login!     In fact, if the user waits around for a full minute  they receive an 'Unable to create account'<which is really odd because the account was created.




Are we missing something in the config?


from Openfire admin

Inband Account Registration

is enabled




and here is the html from SparkWeb below:




jive_sparkweb_getConfig() {



var username = getPageParameter('username', '' );



var password = getPageParameter('password', ''  );



var autologin = getPageParameter('autologin', 'false' );



var webapp = getPageParameter('webapp', 'red5' );



var conn = getPageParameter('conn', 'http' );







" Mapping Everything" ,



username: username,

password: password,

server: window.location.hostname,

port: conn ==

"socket" ? 5222 : window.location.port,



webapp: webapp,

connectionType: conn,


"" + webapp + "/crossdomain.xml",  <hacked this part>



visualPresence: 60,

autologin: eval(autologin)