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High CPU when I try to add an Asterisk server

Question asked by thermalwetland on Oct 13, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2008 by thermalwetland

I have installed Openfire on my Asterisk server.  The presence, chat, etc is working great.  I am using Spark as the client.


When I try to add an Asterisk Server in Asterisk-IM I get very high CPU utilization and the server presence never turns green.


If I tail the Asteisk log I can see that the plugin is logging into the manager console.


I am using the internal database and made the modification that is listed on this post - and setup my system like plugin/ the screencast.


I have tried it from scratch three times all with the same result, the CPU spikes for the Java and Asteirsk process.


Anyone have anything I can look at?